Natalie Bruce grew up in the beautiful south Island of New Zealand in Christchurch. She gained a love for the cultures of the world traveling for over eight years in music before going back to school to study Makeup artistry for film/print.  She has studied specialty classes in fx makeup as well.

Natalie graduated in 2007 with an honor of distinction and since then has been working in many locations. Natalie moved to Los Angeles with her husband David and now bases herself on the beautiful islands of Hawaii working in film/TV and fashion print campaigns. She is apart of the Local 665 IATSE union. Natalie’s side endeavors include  writing children’s books, photography and running a small non profit organization called “humanKIND girls” that encourages anti-bullying, positive body image and kindness among girls and women. See @humankindgirls on Instagram for more on that. Natalie loves being a team player, positive and doing her best to work hard in every situation.
She often does wardrobe styling, hairstyling and art department when needed.